Mollywood – 2014 TOP 5

The business is considered to make money in whatever way possible. Film making is business , some may insist it as a creative art. Any form of art in order sustain ultimately require sound economic background. So too the Mollywood. The sound bite and the letter in black and white might have given a grim picture of business of 2014 Malayalam films. The list they propagated does not cross 10. They want us to believe around nearly 300 crore lost in the business. Loss is certain because of the flops and disaster but the exaggeration with an intention to evade the tax is taking its toll to new heights. Apart from theatrical and satellite runs Mollywood opens new land of heaven of revenue in multiple front. All India release to International rights are lucrative fields which was restricted to only Superstars now its opens wide to even to small films. The issue regarding Satellite rights initially created tensed period in cine field now it seems back on track.

Here are the Top 5 grosser of Mollywood

Bangalore Day Anjali menon’s multi starrer with Dulquar Salman , Nivin Pauly, Fahad Fazil in the lead created wave in the theaters. It had packed to packed house with earth shattering initials. It was released at the end of summer vacation but continued throughout the rainy period. With around 20,700 shows it had all the potential to aim much more higher but Ramzan month which came within one month of release has impact collections. It demolished the theory of high collection during festival season as it was released on non- festival time. Collect around 28 Cr in Kerala with 20,800 shows. Blockbuster

Vellimoonga biggest surprise of last year .Debutant director Jibu Jacob’s feel good movie with Biju Menon in the lead. Started of with average opening and as the WOM spread it picked up tremendously and even after 100 days it continues in major cities. The film was released after two weeks of all the Onam mega films and later became highest earner of second half of 2014 with collection neared to 17 crore in Kerala with 15,000 shows and still counting.

How Old Are much awaited Manju warriers come back movie released along Mr Fraud of Mohanlal but surpassed by mile. This Roshan Andrews movies with low cost  went past 13 Crore assuring profit by theater run itself.  It had covered around 12,700 shows in Kerala

Om Shanthi Oshana another debutant director Jude Antony Joseph with Nivin Pauly and Nasaria paired the top slot. Released amidst busy February but conquered the younger generation at good pace. Collection is 10 Crore  with around 14,000 shows.

Here goes  in 5th positions… other successful movies

Vikramadhiyan and Ring Master collects 13.50 Crore and 14 Crore respectively . Huge budget is the real challenge it faced in recovering cost from theatrical run itself. But both of the film had decent runs around 12,500 and 13,000 show count in Kerala. While one is Ramzan Super Hit , the other is Vishu Super Hit. The Onam had Super Hit in Sapthamasree Thaskara ! It overtook Megastar and Super Star to lead the festival season with 11.50 Crore collection. Prithvi Raj tasted success through 7th day as well. A small film Ithihasa can be considered it super hit even though it has not even passed 5,000 show mark. But film reimbursed the low budget and has become darling in small centers. 1983 was the first hit of 2014 with tiny budget uplifted and started Nivin Pauly’s successful journey of 2014. He had enviable record of hits in the last year. But we had disappointing Christmas at Mollywood where no clear winner emerged.

The young Super Stars has ruled the box office with young directors.



The selection at will

The BCCI is the richest sports body in the world. The money gunny bags rules and the favoritism at its peak from the time it started. Too many criticism on its functioning has not changed its course of falling in to deep shame. The transparency has no meaning in its dictionary. If you think it represents the nation you are wrong . They refused to send a team for Asian games because it was non productive in terms of revenue.

Today selection procedure is just mockery. We had to see Rogger Binny selecting Stuart binny. Those who said yes to MS Dhoni finds place and MS Dhoni in turn say yes to the bosses at the helm of the BCCI.

We have bunch of Kings of land who are not even a pawn at the foreign turf. Apart from consistent  Ajay Rahane and resurgent Virat Kohli we are bereft of batsmen and our bowling at overseas is pathetic the way the bowled today Sydney is the best example.

Selection is over. 125 Crore people may find it hard to reconcile the fact that we will not be champion again. How can we expect this team to win ?

Advaniji- Bheeshma Or Shikandi?

I remember during Ram Janmabhoomi agitation and after his arrest in Samstipur , in Bihar, L.K. Advani had taken up whirlwind tour to the country. As part of it he passed through Kannur Railway station in west coast express around Midnight! We all were enthusiastic and shouted slogans in favor of him till he came out of door; he waved his hand and spoke little about 5 minutes. To accommodate his presence even the train stopped more than ten minute. He was spirited leader for me within our ambitions and ideological aspirations.

When I saw his sudden resignation from all major post of BJP, it was disbelief for a moment, the man whom we idolized breaking apart for petty ‘’personal’’ gains? Staunch admirer in me abruptly took a beat now he has become more than an enemy or adversaries of Sangh belief and traditions. I strongly object him with questions which he can never answer.

Dear Advaniji,

  1. What is your age? if you have forgotten let me remind you that you are nearing to 85 years and you still want to handle the affairs of BJP which has more than 60 % members are youth?
  2. While you have resigned from the post of BJP’s a core committee complaining dilution of basic ideology why you have not resigned from the primary membership of the party or from the post of M.P and chairman of NDA?
  3. What is the sudden grievance you have? Your ‘’yes man’’ didn’t become chairman of election committee? In 2004 your man Pramod mahajan handled and in 2009 your appointee Arun Jaitley managed, can you tell us what improvement BJP in both of these elections had? Whom do you want to substitute Nitin Gadkari , the man who has no reach beyond Nagpur?
  4. You have been in Sangh and Jana sangh from your childhood, whom you give letter of request or resignation? to party president or media bosses?
  5.  Advaniji, what is the personal agenda running now in present BJP? While Atlji was administrating the country well and good, why you became Deputy PM, was it public agenda or your personal agenda?
  6. Do you think you are still vote catcher? Then why u didn’t make BJP win 2009?
  7. If you fear Modi will polarize the voters, how many muslims have come forward to vote for BJP during 2009 while you headed the campaign as PM in waiting ?
  8. Next generation is strong in BJP then why you don’t want to shift the mantle?
  9. You went to Pakistan and praised Jinnah who steer headed the partition, was it within ideological ambit? You roam around the Country with a promise ‘mandir wahi baneyanga’’ then what did you do when you were as Deputy PM? Your memory lost on Mandir was within ideological barrier?
  10. You speak about Nanaji and Vajpaijee, did you learn anything from them? They step aside when they felt they have to retire, but u don’t want ever to retire?
  11. Are you acting for the benefit of BJP or want to show JD (U) I still can call shots? You are not Bheeshma Pitamaha because you don’t want BJP to win but are you Shikandi of JD (U)? You are accused of demolition of Bari Masjid and you are secular , Modi as CM is communal?
  12. How many more time you enact this resignation drama? On June 7th ,2005 you resigned on Jinna issue , 31st Dec 2005 you continued the same drama and now on June 10th , can you say this drama is over ?

Thousand more questions comes to my mind, Advanji you don’t have any work you can act and work like B team of congress but we the youths has the work on our hand, Narendra Modi may or may not win us 2014 but he has evidently grabbed the heart of each and every workers. You have lost our faith better you should walk away from us!

Son- above – the Law

The trouble by sons and in laws started from the inception of the mankind. How the power wrecks the relationships can be seen in Mahabharath itself, then we can’t expect a better deal from our next ones to in Kaliyuga !

The richest sports authority in India, BCCI is in news capturing several headlines in everyday. The hot debate of India is not about sudden sluggishness in economy or about political corruption but about spot fixing and betting in cricket. Simple way of deviating from the real issues and in the front line of all these attacks is certain English media who’s vested interest widely transparent through their selection of news and its way of presentations.

One son in law has cost N Sreeni his premier post while think about VVIP son in law who still remains untouched. 

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi still the chairperson and President of AICC, though DLF deal scam broke out in October, 2012. There is neither any enquiry nor investigation of these so called ‘’ private deal’’of Mr Robert Vadra . No preaching of ethics or gentleman morality classes are there because of ‘King can do no wrong syndrome’’. But private betting by a person is crime larger than political scam. Hasn’t heard any channel debate on why should Sonia step down on moral grounds but valuable channel time being spend on delay in stepping down by Sreenivasan.

Just see reporting by Times of India on 25th April, just introspect how many of you have heard of it?

Govt refuses to give Ashok Khemka documents on Vadra land deal

Sukhbir Siwach, TNN Apr 25, 2013, 06.35AM IST

CHANDIGARH: Haryana government seems adamant on not providing any documents related to the land deal between UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and DLF to IAS officer Ashok Khemka, who had cancelled the mutation of the deal on October 15, 2012.

In a recent letter to state chief secretary P K Chaudhery, Khemka said, “No department has provided any of the requested information so far.” The government had on March 1 asked Khemka to submit his comments on a probe report by a three-member panel on Khemka’s orders cancelling the Vadra land deal’s mutation.


Following this, Khemka had sought documents from revenue, town & country planning and industries and commerce departments but the government did not provide any documents to the officer.

“It’s like asking someone to run a 100-metre dash with his hands tied behind. My morale is high and I will run the race despite my hands and legs being tied,” Khemka told TOI.

Morality is double edged and  applies to all  but the cut and slash in India does not applies to the first family ! Son in law is Son above the law?

Good bye to scams !

Good bye to scams. Please don’t jump in to conclusion by reading the headline that country is going to be corruption free but rather be ready to tight your ties to conclude that we are not going to hear any more scams from the Delhi’s power centers.

My apprehension of corruption to be submerged is based on two factual reasoning that is happening around.

Do you know the man who has hurt UPA in their second tenure most? No definitely not MMS but the CAG Vinod rai . The CAG report on various projects and departments were instrumental in bring up the corruption underneath it. Sadly for the country, this gentleman is demits his office today. His departure from his position brings up golden opportunity to the Govt: to bring their ‘’yes men’’ to this prestigious position so that at least till general election of 2014 nothing new is brought out. Present defense secretary is the new CAG and a former defense secretary is the CVC, not coincidental!

Second reasoning is based on the spotlight the spot fixing scam of IPL is garnering. The so called ‘’chai wala ‘’media of Govt : actively participating in debates and shows to discuss the issue basically has nothing to do with public money. The players alleged to have cheated the club as the clubs have entered the fray with complaint of cheating. The timing of Delhi Police entering in to these ‘’fixing’’ and the parade of Channels thereafter has totally shunned attention from certain corruption charges. Evaluate the attention acquired by the Media for 1,400 crore mishandling  in statues during the Mayavati regime before the Lokayukta and the MLA of Goa acquiring land in Kerala with the help of power … all these important development went totally unnoticed.

Whether it is Commonwealth or 2G, the scams have drained off ordinary citizen’s valuable taxpaying money but now the attention is shifted to certain private person’s gain and betting. The police are keen on investigating how much pictures of Models in Srisanth laptop and  how many numbers of airhostess are in I phone.

Crime is crime but corruption and scams relating to public servant should be treated as crime against the society. The corruption of Beurocracy is beyond our reach; just see the way an important investigation officer itself is caught in bribery.

CAG is pivotal constitutional authority with power to audit the accounting of how the public money is being utilized and whether it is being utilized properly following the norms and procedures. Once it becomes silent, it does not necessarily mean everything is safe and transparent but gives us wrong signal that fumes have no place to come out. This is where I am happy to say the sad lines ‘’ Good bye to Scams’’ at least we don’t hear scams for time being! Image

The spot fixing – By whom ?

You might have noticed this headline in many newspapers and channels few days ago…. ‘’Massive protests in Delhi demand resignation of CP Neeraj Kumar’’! The commissioner of police of Delhi was in unenviable position as the rate of crime in Delhi shoot up alarmingly compelling the citizen comes out in open in streets. The pressure of removal or transfer was huge and the Govt was reluctant to act as it will tantamount to admission of rise of crime.

In those days , Mr Neeraj Kumar faced media under immense pressure and within a month he comes before the same media new avatar like detective  Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, unraveling various dramas behind spot fixing done by bookies and some IPL players including well known player Sreesanth. It has been alleged that these players colluded with bookies to fix the over in three matches.

I am not going to defend any player involved in the alleged spot fixing here but want to highlight being a legal student how these kinds of cases are being handled to switch the table to other side so that they get away with present crisis.

Still not clear under what provision of law these players and bookies are charged but times of india quoting different news agencies reported in following words ‘’ The cricketers and bookies have been charged under sections 420 (cheating) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code and are being flown in to Delhi for further questioning’’ So we presume that report is correct.

Let us go through section 420 of IPC it reads ‘’ Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.– Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived to deliver any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. Of fraudulent deeds and dispositions of property’’

So the crux of the section is dishonest intention is essential to attract the provision and the person deceived must deliver any property, the property denotes the money or document or any other valuable consideration.

Take the case of Sreesanth , as per police ; Sreesanth has not taken money but middleman has taken the money on  his behalf …. First defense for him ‘’ no undue advantage ‘’

Next point comes where is the dishonest intention? Keeping the towel or kissing the locket?

To cheat whom?

Is there any agreement he has signed with Rajasthan Royals that he will not concede more than 10 runs in a over? Or does he induces the captain to give him the over  claiming that I will bowl a maiden over ?  was the spectator came to watch with promise by Sreesanth that he will not concede more than specified runs in an over? If you go by body language of each player in each game you will end up in each spot fixing in each ball.

Indian premier league is nothing but business in the name of cricket. The players might have cheated themselves by putting their future at risk for poultry currency bundles. Otherwise nobody lost and nobody gains, apart from few bookies and their co- entrepreneurs. Betting in the name everything under the sky is split wide open in the corridors of power to gullies in major cities.

This case is an eye wash and is built up on shabby evidence with an ulterior intention to get some maximum TRP to Commissioner of police, now he knows no one will ask for his head till next rape occurs in Delhi.

Arusha, We are proud of You !

“This terror which has taken lives of innocent people should come to an end because we have had enough of it.” The emotional word of Arch Bishop Josephat Lebulu   during the burial ceremony at Olasiti church on 10th March, 2013, reflects the anger and disappointment of the common man! The brutal attack which left three precious lives comes to an unexpected end and scores of people injured. Still there is no official confirmation on the motive behind this gruesome and barbaric act.  But it is simple to analysis and digests, all the terrorist attacks are aimed at destroying peace and harmony. The fire emanates from explosive article not only intended to cause harm but to spread the venom of hatred in society. Despite the shock and fear of this attack, Arusha stand tall …. Tall against all odds!

The shocking Sunday morning saw Arusha to shiver for a moment but I personally witnessed everything returning in the city to normalcy within an hour. The siren of ambulance which intermittently broke the silence of holiday laziness to uneasiness to some extent! People watched it with anger cursing master mind of this unpardonable attack but was restraining themselves. The rumors were aplenty but the basic structure of peace remained intact. This is the juncture were the terrorist failed and the ordinary Arushan stood to a momentarily new height of raising the flag of harmony fly high. Those who drafted plot might have imagined an immediate retaliation with vengeance but the commendable leadership of church provided quick action to restore and maintain peace in the region. The story remained the same on the day of burial as well. Arusha woke up to silent and peaceful congregation of people from all walks of life converging to the church.

Terror has no religion because it is the business of hatred with limited option of bloodshed. It can be successful in places where the society is divided through divisive policies not at the places where people live in harmony. Arusha showed the world it is not a place for those preach for blood but a place for brotherhood cutting across religious denominations.

Society has certain unchangeable psyche and it varies from places to places. The laboratories of communal polarization might have yielded dividend to many at different places but Arusha is luckily not a place where the tension on communal lines can take place. It is divine gift for the Arushans that it still remains a paradise of communal harmony and we can be proud of this beautiful city.

Debacle Within

Much has been said and commented about the recent debacle of BJP’s south citadel turning water loo on 8th May, 2013 but still far from getting systematic analysis on wreckage of organization structure of BJP in south canara region the Mangalore- Udupi region.

The failure of election is not akin to a political party : the changing pattern in voting by the ordinary citizen on the issues related to day to day is largely influenced than the issues of national or international event. You speak about development of other in state in another state good for nothing; they always ask what you have done in terms developing my place than elsewhere. An ordinary always seek assistance for the poultry needs and assistance of political party not at the top level but at the grounds level. Articulate failure starts from this point and aggravate in turning his voting right to take revenge when he is sidelined. It seem the local worker under intoxication of power at Bangalore turn the face of to ordinary man at this crucial place  and in return BJP receives worst result in South Canara . Public servant is the person who should be easily accessible to public not otherwise

Organization machinery is like oiled machinery , the oil is the ideological support you provide to your worker that you are working not for you but for the nation. Most of workers of BJP either fed up with their own work or to happening around them. Build the machinery , you have time to face 2014 general when the congress will have anti- incumbency both at center and state , you can still bounce back