Much has been said and commented about the recent debacle of BJP’s south citadel turning water loo on 8th May, 2013 but still far from getting systematic analysis on wreckage of organization structure of BJP in south canara region the Mangalore- Udupi region.

The failure of election is not akin to a political party : the changing pattern in voting by the ordinary citizen on the issues related to day to day is largely influenced than the issues of national or international event. You speak about development of other in state in another state good for nothing; they always ask what you have done in terms developing my place than elsewhere. An ordinary always seek assistance for the poultry needs and assistance of political party not at the top level but at the grounds level. Articulate failure starts from this point and aggravate in turning his voting right to take revenge when he is sidelined. It seem the local worker under intoxication of power at Bangalore turn the face of to ordinary man at this crucial place  and in return BJP receives worst result in South Canara . Public servant is the person who should be easily accessible to public not otherwise

Organization machinery is like oiled machinery , the oil is the ideological support you provide to your worker that you are working not for you but for the nation. Most of workers of BJP either fed up with their own work or to happening around them. Build the machinery , you have time to face 2014 general when the congress will have anti- incumbency both at center and state , you can still bounce back