“This terror which has taken lives of innocent people should come to an end because we have had enough of it.” The emotional word of Arch Bishop Josephat Lebulu   during the burial ceremony at Olasiti church on 10th March, 2013, reflects the anger and disappointment of the common man! The brutal attack which left three precious lives comes to an unexpected end and scores of people injured. Still there is no official confirmation on the motive behind this gruesome and barbaric act.  But it is simple to analysis and digests, all the terrorist attacks are aimed at destroying peace and harmony. The fire emanates from explosive article not only intended to cause harm but to spread the venom of hatred in society. Despite the shock and fear of this attack, Arusha stand tall …. Tall against all odds!

The shocking Sunday morning saw Arusha to shiver for a moment but I personally witnessed everything returning in the city to normalcy within an hour. The siren of ambulance which intermittently broke the silence of holiday laziness to uneasiness to some extent! People watched it with anger cursing master mind of this unpardonable attack but was restraining themselves. The rumors were aplenty but the basic structure of peace remained intact. This is the juncture were the terrorist failed and the ordinary Arushan stood to a momentarily new height of raising the flag of harmony fly high. Those who drafted plot might have imagined an immediate retaliation with vengeance but the commendable leadership of church provided quick action to restore and maintain peace in the region. The story remained the same on the day of burial as well. Arusha woke up to silent and peaceful congregation of people from all walks of life converging to the church.

Terror has no religion because it is the business of hatred with limited option of bloodshed. It can be successful in places where the society is divided through divisive policies not at the places where people live in harmony. Arusha showed the world it is not a place for those preach for blood but a place for brotherhood cutting across religious denominations.

Society has certain unchangeable psyche and it varies from places to places. The laboratories of communal polarization might have yielded dividend to many at different places but Arusha is luckily not a place where the tension on communal lines can take place. It is divine gift for the Arushans that it still remains a paradise of communal harmony and we can be proud of this beautiful city.