Good bye to scams. Please don’t jump in to conclusion by reading the headline that country is going to be corruption free but rather be ready to tight your ties to conclude that we are not going to hear any more scams from the Delhi’s power centers.

My apprehension of corruption to be submerged is based on two factual reasoning that is happening around.

Do you know the man who has hurt UPA in their second tenure most? No definitely not MMS but the CAG Vinod rai . The CAG report on various projects and departments were instrumental in bring up the corruption underneath it. Sadly for the country, this gentleman is demits his office today. His departure from his position brings up golden opportunity to the Govt: to bring their ‘’yes men’’ to this prestigious position so that at least till general election of 2014 nothing new is brought out. Present defense secretary is the new CAG and a former defense secretary is the CVC, not coincidental!

Second reasoning is based on the spotlight the spot fixing scam of IPL is garnering. The so called ‘’chai wala ‘’media of Govt : actively participating in debates and shows to discuss the issue basically has nothing to do with public money. The players alleged to have cheated the club as the clubs have entered the fray with complaint of cheating. The timing of Delhi Police entering in to these ‘’fixing’’ and the parade of Channels thereafter has totally shunned attention from certain corruption charges. Evaluate the attention acquired by the Media for 1,400 crore mishandling  in statues during the Mayavati regime before the Lokayukta and the MLA of Goa acquiring land in Kerala with the help of power … all these important development went totally unnoticed.

Whether it is Commonwealth or 2G, the scams have drained off ordinary citizen’s valuable taxpaying money but now the attention is shifted to certain private person’s gain and betting. The police are keen on investigating how much pictures of Models in Srisanth laptop and  how many numbers of airhostess are in I phone.

Crime is crime but corruption and scams relating to public servant should be treated as crime against the society. The corruption of Beurocracy is beyond our reach; just see the way an important investigation officer itself is caught in bribery.

CAG is pivotal constitutional authority with power to audit the accounting of how the public money is being utilized and whether it is being utilized properly following the norms and procedures. Once it becomes silent, it does not necessarily mean everything is safe and transparent but gives us wrong signal that fumes have no place to come out. This is where I am happy to say the sad lines ‘’ Good bye to Scams’’ at least we don’t hear scams for time being! Image