I remember during Ram Janmabhoomi agitation and after his arrest in Samstipur , in Bihar, L.K. Advani had taken up whirlwind tour to the country. As part of it he passed through Kannur Railway station in west coast express around Midnight! We all were enthusiastic and shouted slogans in favor of him till he came out of door; he waved his hand and spoke little about 5 minutes. To accommodate his presence even the train stopped more than ten minute. He was spirited leader for me within our ambitions and ideological aspirations.

When I saw his sudden resignation from all major post of BJP, it was disbelief for a moment, the man whom we idolized breaking apart for petty ‘’personal’’ gains? Staunch admirer in me abruptly took a beat now he has become more than an enemy or adversaries of Sangh belief and traditions. I strongly object him with questions which he can never answer.

Dear Advaniji,

  1. What is your age? if you have forgotten let me remind you that you are nearing to 85 years and you still want to handle the affairs of BJP which has more than 60 % members are youth?
  2. While you have resigned from the post of BJP’s a core committee complaining dilution of basic ideology why you have not resigned from the primary membership of the party or from the post of M.P and chairman of NDA?
  3. What is the sudden grievance you have? Your ‘’yes man’’ didn’t become chairman of election committee? In 2004 your man Pramod mahajan handled and in 2009 your appointee Arun Jaitley managed, can you tell us what improvement BJP in both of these elections had? Whom do you want to substitute Nitin Gadkari , the man who has no reach beyond Nagpur?
  4. You have been in Sangh and Jana sangh from your childhood, whom you give letter of request or resignation? to party president or media bosses?
  5.  Advaniji, what is the personal agenda running now in present BJP? While Atlji was administrating the country well and good, why you became Deputy PM, was it public agenda or your personal agenda?
  6. Do you think you are still vote catcher? Then why u didn’t make BJP win 2009?
  7. If you fear Modi will polarize the voters, how many muslims have come forward to vote for BJP during 2009 while you headed the campaign as PM in waiting ?
  8. Next generation is strong in BJP then why you don’t want to shift the mantle?
  9. You went to Pakistan and praised Jinnah who steer headed the partition, was it within ideological ambit? You roam around the Country with a promise ‘mandir wahi baneyanga’’ then what did you do when you were as Deputy PM? Your memory lost on Mandir was within ideological barrier?
  10. You speak about Nanaji and Vajpaijee, did you learn anything from them? They step aside when they felt they have to retire, but u don’t want ever to retire?
  11. Are you acting for the benefit of BJP or want to show JD (U) I still can call shots? You are not Bheeshma Pitamaha because you don’t want BJP to win but are you Shikandi of JD (U)? You are accused of demolition of Bari Masjid and you are secular , Modi as CM is communal?
  12. How many more time you enact this resignation drama? On June 7th ,2005 you resigned on Jinna issue , 31st Dec 2005 you continued the same drama and now on June 10th , can you say this drama is over ?

Thousand more questions comes to my mind, Advanji you don’t have any work you can act and work like B team of congress but we the youths has the work on our hand, Narendra Modi may or may not win us 2014 but he has evidently grabbed the heart of each and every workers. You have lost our faith better you should walk away from us!