The BCCI is the richest sports body in the world. The money gunny bags rules and the favoritism at its peak from the time it started. Too many criticism on its functioning has not changed its course of falling in to deep shame. The transparency has no meaning in its dictionary. If you think it represents the nation you are wrong . They refused to send a team for Asian games because it was non productive in terms of revenue.

Today selection procedure is just mockery. We had to see Rogger Binny selecting Stuart binny. Those who said yes to MS Dhoni finds place and MS Dhoni in turn say yes to the bosses at the helm of the BCCI.

We have bunch of Kings of land who are not even a pawn at the foreign turf. Apart from consistent  Ajay Rahane and resurgent Virat Kohli we are bereft of batsmen and our bowling at overseas is pathetic the way the bowled today Sydney is the best example.

Selection is over. 125 Crore people may find it hard to reconcile the fact that we will not be champion again. How can we expect this team to win ?