The business is considered to make money in whatever way possible. Film making is business , some may insist it as a creative art. Any form of art in order sustain ultimately require sound economic background. So too the Mollywood. The sound bite and the letter in black and white might have given a grim picture of business of 2014 Malayalam films. The list they propagated does not cross 10. They want us to believe around nearly 300 crore lost in the business. Loss is certain because of the flops and disaster but the exaggeration with an intention to evade the tax is taking its toll to new heights. Apart from theatrical and satellite runs Mollywood opens new land of heaven of revenue in multiple front. All India release to International rights are lucrative fields which was restricted to only Superstars now its opens wide to even to small films. The issue regarding Satellite rights initially created tensed period in cine field now it seems back on track.

Here are the Top 5 grosser of Mollywood

Bangalore Day Anjali menon’s multi starrer with Dulquar Salman , Nivin Pauly, Fahad Fazil in the lead created wave in the theaters. It had packed to packed house with earth shattering initials. It was released at the end of summer vacation but continued throughout the rainy period. With around 20,700 shows it had all the potential to aim much more higher but Ramzan month which came within one month of release has impact collections. It demolished the theory of high collection during festival season as it was released on non- festival time. Collect around 28 Cr in Kerala with 20,800 shows. Blockbuster

Vellimoonga biggest surprise of last year .Debutant director Jibu Jacob’s feel good movie with Biju Menon in the lead. Started of with average opening and as the WOM spread it picked up tremendously and even after 100 days it continues in major cities. The film was released after two weeks of all the Onam mega films and later became highest earner of second half of 2014 with collection neared to 17 crore in Kerala with 15,000 shows and still counting.

How Old Are much awaited Manju warriers come back movie released along Mr Fraud of Mohanlal but surpassed by mile. This Roshan Andrews movies with low cost  went past 13 Crore assuring profit by theater run itself.  It had covered around 12,700 shows in Kerala

Om Shanthi Oshana another debutant director Jude Antony Joseph with Nivin Pauly and Nasaria paired the top slot. Released amidst busy February but conquered the younger generation at good pace. Collection is 10 Crore  with around 14,000 shows.

Here goes  in 5th positions… other successful movies

Vikramadhiyan and Ring Master collects 13.50 Crore and 14 Crore respectively . Huge budget is the real challenge it faced in recovering cost from theatrical run itself. But both of the film had decent runs around 12,500 and 13,000 show count in Kerala. While one is Ramzan Super Hit , the other is Vishu Super Hit. The Onam had Super Hit in Sapthamasree Thaskara ! It overtook Megastar and Super Star to lead the festival season with 11.50 Crore collection. Prithvi Raj tasted success through 7th day as well. A small film Ithihasa can be considered it super hit even though it has not even passed 5,000 show mark. But film reimbursed the low budget and has become darling in small centers. 1983 was the first hit of 2014 with tiny budget uplifted and started Nivin Pauly’s successful journey of 2014. He had enviable record of hits in the last year. But we had disappointing Christmas at Mollywood where no clear winner emerged.

The young Super Stars has ruled the box office with young directors.